Little Advice on How To Avoid Scams

I’ve received multiple e-mails from gentlemen asking whether my photos are real. Yes, they are real, and they are of myself.

Today I am going to try and give you a few hints on how to avoid scams when you are in a foreign country and don’t have a lot of time to research beforehand.

1. Issues regarding money: As per the conversations that I had with some of the escorts I know, the most trustworthy girls are those who provide an e-mail address. Having a phone number publicly available can be ok, but it’s not absolutely necessary. That’s because it is better to have a written confirmation of services and the gift that you should present an escort with. Unfortunately, some of the girls can be less than honest, and lure you into meeting them by stating a lower amount of money, and asking for more when they actually reach you. So it’s best that you have a written confirmation of what you should pay her.

2. Making sure that the photos are real: This one is easy. Simply use Google Images to search for the photos that the girl has posted in her ad. For instance, in Google Chrome browser you only need to right-click the photo and then select “Search Google for this image”. If it turns out that the photo belongs to some other escort in Russia, or to some model in the USA, it’s obviously a scam (fake) photo, and it does not represent the girl that will show up at your door.

Let’s take a few examples:

a)  the ad found here   is a scam. A mere search of the photos leads to Amanda Carrier, a known  fitness person, who clearly is not an escort. And for the 0.0001% chance that she’d be an escort, she clearly wouldn’t be an escort in Romania. You can see her on:

b) the ad found here  , as well as her website here  are a scam. The photos belong to Misty, an escort in Jacksonville, whose ad can be found here  . Misty was the first to publish the photos, which are obviously hers (I have thoroughly checked the dates) and she has also posted an ad for Jacksonville today, so she clearly cannot be in Bucharest at the same time. Also, please consider the name change. Had it been the same girl, she wouldn’t be using two different names, in two different countries, on the other side of the Earth. 

So you can keep going by yourself and easily figure out which ads are using fake photos, that will simply waste your time. Be smart about it.

3. Implications of your failure in figuring out fake ads: Other than wasting your time, there are none. You are not bound to accept the girl who popped up at your door, if the photos in the ad are not of herself.

The legal system in Romania does not incriminate prostitution. If being proven to have explicitly solicited money for intercourse, the girl would only get an administrative fine. There can be no criminal record for this. Nothing happens to the client, from the legal point of view. You would not even be prompted a fine 🙂

I’ve heard hypothesis where the girl (having fake photos) was turned down by the client and she started to raise her voice and turn the whole deal into a scandal. If this truly happened, which I doubt, then she would be absolutely a fool to have done so. Reasons: the hotel employees can always call the Police, the girl gets a fine for soliciting AND her name is added to the blacklist of that hotel, where she will never be allowed to enter again. No win for her.

What the girls who post fake photos are thinking: I will arrange a meeting, show up at his door, hoping he won’t realise that my photos are fake; if he does figure out that my photos are fake, I hope that he will be too tired to search for someone else or too horny and he will accept me anyway; if he is not too tired to search for a new one, I hope he fears that I will make a scene and accept me anyway. 

Guys, please do not be afraid to turn down a scam! 🙂  You can find many honest girls, actually posting photos of themselves.  Most girls that are very serious about this will be reluctant to show their faces or send out photos of their face. Please remember that a good privacy level shows a high degree of self esteem.  A girl who has little or no interest towards her privacy is very unlikely to care about yours.

Happy punting!